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    "They Help Each Other"

    A project of the Native American Community Development Institute

  • About WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO*

    *They Help Each Other

    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO (They Help Each Other) is a series of gatherings which will center Native voices in the effort to create grassroots solutions to the issues facing the Indigenous community, especially the challenge of creating culturally appropriate and affordable housing, shelter and supportive services. The gatherings will be hosted by the Native American Community Development Institute with the generous support of the Bush Foundation.

  • History

    The genesis of WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO*

    (*They Help Each Other) ​

    In the Spring of 2018, a small cluster of tents appeared near Franklin and Hiawatha Avenues in Minneapolis. The encampment grew rapidly over the summer and by September 2018, 300 to 400 people, primarily Native, had taken up residence at the camp. Throughout the Fall the number of tents continued to grow, to over 200 tents.


    The Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors (MUID) came together with City of Minneapolis leadership, representatives from the County and State and members of the Native community. Together they worked to identify immediate needs and redirect their resources in response. Community allies mobilized to direct outreach and support for the encampment.


    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO was created when the Bush Foundation stepped forward to support NACDI, MUID and community allies in this work. The project will examine ways Native people can achieve their self-determined goals successfully, through broad community organizing and engagement process.


    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO seeks to create long term strategies to address the issues which contributed to the creation of the encampment. We know that these strategies must be both innovative and community-based if they are to successfully address the historic, systemic challenges facing the Native community.

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming gatherings hosted by WiiDooKooDaDiiWag/THEO

    (In chronological order)

    Community Gathering

    March 2, 2019, American Indian OIC

    8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

    A gathering of American Indian Community Organizations, Programs and Stakeholders to discuss and gather grassroots-based solutions to Native un-sheltered homelessness. Facilitated by Indigenous Collaboration.

    Navigation Center Community Gathering & Harvest

    February 1, 2019, Minneapolis Navigation Center

    A gathering with members of the Navigation Center community to discuss and gather grassroots-based solutions to Native unsheltered homelessness. Facilitated by Indigenous Collaboration.

    Inaugural Gathering & Feast

    January 11, 2019, Minneapolis American Indian Center

    A gathering of residents of the Navigation Center, City leaders and community residents. The feast kicked off the community-based gatherings to be hosted by WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO. The meal was generously prepared by the chefs of Eat for Equity and a team of volunteers, with food donated by  Buffalo Gal (butchered by Sioux Chef), A Dream of Wild Health, Night Owl Farm, PowWow GroundsSalty Tart, Peace Coffee, Seward Co-op and Co-op Partners Warehouse.

  • Who We Are

    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag is a project of the Native American Community Development Corporation, in partnership with Indigenous Collaborations.

    Robert Lilligren

    President and CEO, Native American Community Development Institute

    White Earth Band of Ojibwe

    Carrie Day Aspinwall

    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag Project Manager

    President/CEO, CDA Enterprises

    Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

    Lesley Kabotie

    President, Indigenous Collaboration​

    Crow Tribe of Montana

    Paul Kabotie

    Vice President, Indigenous Collaboration​

    Hopi Tribe of Arizona and Santa Clara Pueblo from New Mexico

    Camille Gage

    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag Digital Communications

  • Project Partners

    The following are the primary partners for WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag/THEO

    The Bush Foundation

    The Bush Foundation invests in great ideas and the people who power them. 

    Native American Community Development Institute

    NACDI helps Native people create the future they envision. Their work is founded on the belief that all American Indian people have a place, purpose and a future strengthened by sustainable community development.

    Indigenous Collaborations

    Indigenous Collaboration, Inc is a Native-owned / woman-owned corporation providing consensus-based consulting services, event facilitation, organizational tools and technologies that support engagement and collaboration. We specialize in efforts and initiatives within Native communities, Tribal governments, and with non-profits, government entities and enterprises doing work with Native populations, that contribute to the well-being of Indigenous peoples.

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    News and other information on the project

    The trailer at the Navigation Center was filled with sage smoke and expectation. Tables were covered with colorful quilts and abalone shells filled with cedar, sage and assema (tobacco). Freshly pressed ribbon skirts were neatly laid out on one table. Perfectly pressed ribbon shirts were left on...
    WiiDooKoDaaDiiWag means ‘They Help Each Other’ in Ojibwe – or THEO, for short. The project’s primary focus is to convene a series of gatherings aimed at centering Native voices and seeking true grassroots solutions to the issues facing the Indigenous community – especially the challenges posed by...
    On March 7th and 14th, residents of the Minneapolis Navigation Center gathered in a communal trailer to create dream catchers and share their thoughts and aspirations. The activity was led by Ojibwe Enterprizes, a Native-owned, small business that creates culturally-focused events and teachings...
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